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Your chance to meet our CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS EXPERT, our founder, Heather Butcher and talk through your areas of concern for your business!

On Thursday 4th March at 8am we will be hosting a FREE “Crisis Surgery’ LIVE on LinkedIn, where we will dedicate an hour to answering questions on anything you’d like to ask about crisis.  Ask us anything about crisis communications, including:

  • How do deal with it, how to prepare, who to involve? 
  • How to monitor, what messaging should I use, media and the marketing mix. 
  • Audience mapping, key messages, timing. 
  • When and if to say sorry, when it’s over and how to conduct a review? 
  • What is a crisis audit? 

If you have a specific problem or burning question please let me know and we will try to address as many concerns as we can in the hour slot.

We will do our best to answer the questions, share experiences, tips & trips, processes, and methodology to dealing effectively with crisis. 

We set up Crisis PR Training last year after I finished my role at Bosch. I’ve worked with well-known UK, and Global brands for the last 25+ years, in communication roles, leading on crisis and issues management. Developing plans, training teams, and fighting the fear factor associated with crisis. Identifying danger spots, improving communications, alert systems, and the overall approach to crisis.

Being prepared, knowing what to expect, and having the right processes in place, can, take the sting out of the tail of a crisis. That sting, if left unchecked, is damage to your budgets and reputation. Reacting in a timely manner, knowing what to say, when, and whom to say it too, can save you a whole host of pain.

Can you confidently answer the following questions? If the answer is yes, then you don’t need to join this session on crisis and reputation management:

  • I have an emergency button to hit when the wheels start to wobble or fall off? 
  • Fear of crisis/loss of reputation keeps me awake at night? 
  • Crisis is my biggest concern when it comes to our shareholders?
  • I have a robust disaster recovery plan?
  • I know what the first three things I’d need to do if a crisis hit today?

Please send your questions directly to  and let us know if you’re coming ASAP!

If you’d prefer not to be mentioned by name please mark it anonymous. 


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